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Gym Tile

Miroad Gym Mat is the ideal flooring solution for home or commercial fitness area as it is designed to provide exceptional sound proofing, anti-slip feature and shock absorption. Miroad Gym Mats are available in the options of Standard Gym Mat and Laminated Gym Mat.
These heavy duty gym mats help protect the floor from damage as they are able to withstand the heavyweight drops and vibration during a workout.
Product Features & Benefits
Wide Range of Colors and Designs for Aesthetically Pleasing Safety Floors
Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly Recycled Materials
Conform to Density Requirements for Superlative Impact Absorption
Standard-Compliant Head Injury Criterion (HIC) for Fall Protection
Easy Installation, Maintenance or Replacement
Anti-Slip Surface for Fall Prevention
Miroad Gym Tiles are made mainly for fitness areas or gyms, especially heavy equipment areas and heavyweight drops areas such as dumbbells rack or deadlift zones.
Miroad Gym Tiles are also often used in heavy duty training sites and industrial flooring.


The excellent durability, high density and easy maintenance of Miroad Standard Gym Mat make it a perfect choice for gym flooring for heavy fitness equipment and free weight zone.
Our HD Standard Gym Tiles come in square with bevelled edges help allow for slight differences in edge height when tiles are fitted to prevent tripping hazard


Miroad Laminated Gym Mat comprises a base layer of black gym mat, laminated with a top layer of high-density rubber mat (Mi-Roll).
The biggest advantage of Laminated Gym Mat is that the high-density top surface provides a smooth and aesthetically-pleasing finishing for your flooring, while the base layer offers the optimum impact absorption to protect the floor.
Color Options
Pigmented Topping
EPDM Speckled Topping (10% - 90%)