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About Us

Miroad Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd is a global Safety Rubber Flooring manufacturer and supplier based in Malaysia. Our company is among the largest EPDM granule manufacturers in the world recognised for superior product quality, service excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Flooring Solutions with Absolute Safety in Mind

Our company's story began with the supply of raw materials to one of the largest rubber flooring manufacturers in Korea. Observing a significant shortage faced by Korean producers, our founders initiated a technology transfer to establish our own rubber tiles production in 1998, which led to the birth of Miroad Rubber Industries.

In 2007, Miroad Rubber Industries completed another technology transfer from Korea, which allowed us to bring high-quality EPDM production to Malaysia and become a pioneer in this field. We have since focused on total in-house manufacturing of high-quality EPDM and other safety rubber floor products while continuing to invest significantly into improving our product quality, variety, and manufacturing capacity.
Global Supplier & Manufacturer
Currently, Miroad Rubber Industries is listed in one of the largest manufacturers of rubber flooring products in the world and is the designated OEM partner for numerous major suppliers across the globe.

As of 2023, the company operates a total of 6 manufacturing plants located with a total area of over 650,000 square feet and an EPDM production output of over 500 tonnes per month. The plants are located across Malaysia with a 7th plant under construction.
To deliver quality safety flooring products to build safer and more user-friendly environments around the world.
To deliver the absolute best safety flooring solutions that are designed for safety, functionality, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. From playgrounds, recreation & sports, and ballistics test sites, Miroad Rubber Industries aims to provide real solutions for a wide range of applications.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Sales Representatives
Our in-house experts are ready to answer your questions and provide recommendations to resolve your issues.
Extensive Customisation
We offer flexible customisation options to deliver products that enable more innovative and creati ve flexibility.
Product Quality & Consistency
Our rubber flooring products are made to the best industry standards and in large batches to ensure higher product consistency.
Competitive Prices
We offer competitive prices made possible by our access to quality raw materials at the lowest costs, streamlined process technology, and experienced management.
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