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Miroad Rubber Border is made specifically for the use in landscaping and gardening for any recreational or playground areas. Designed with a special and functional interlocking system, the rubber borders can be connected effortlessly to create a seamless edge that help keep rubber mulch, soil, or other gardening substances in place. Miroad Rubber Border is a great alternative to hard edging materials owing to its safety features as well as design flexibility to form any shape.
Product Features & Benefits
Non-Toxic and Environmentally Recycled Materials
Easy Installation, Maintenance or Replacement
Excellent Shock and Impact Absorption to Minimize Risk of Injury
Pin-Connecting Interlocking System to Allow Design Flexibility
The main application or function of rubber border is to hold loose rubber mulch, soil or rocks in place, acting as a 'curb' in landscaping, gardening, playground edging system.
Rubber Border Options

Rounded Border


Stack Border

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