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Miroad Polyurethane Binder is a single-component, solvent-free, and MDI based binder made primarily to mix with rubber granules for the installation of cast-in-situ rubber flooring. This moisture-curing binder is ideal for both elasticized rubber base layers and finish surfaces under ambient temperature and humidity.
Product Features & Benefits
Highly Optimum Open Time for Usage Under Various Climate Conditions in Different Regions
Non-Toxic and Free from Harmful Chemicals to Reduce Release of Pollutants
High UV Resistance for Minimal Yellowing Effect on Rubber Color Granules
Excellent Weather Resistance and Resilience for Exceptional Flooring Durability
Aromatic Binder
Aromatic Binder is the most commonly used binder in cast-in-situ rubber flooring owing to its high economic value and availability. Under high UV exposure, aromatic binder will likely experience temporary yellowing effect, which adds a light yellow tint on the color granules . However, the yellowed layer will eventually wear off from certain pedestrian traffic.
Aliphatic Binder
Aliphatic Binder offers superior UV resistance as compared to aromatic binder. Comes with a premium price, aliphatic binder is known as a "non-yellowing binder" that is able to preserve the original colors of rubber granules. Aliphatic binder is more commonly used with color granules that are more sensitive towards yellowing effect such as blue, grey, and white.
© 2023 Miroad Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd
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