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Our technical know-how and experience in converting scrap rubber back into high-quality reusable products are also helping solve key challenges facing the industry, including uneconomical landfill dumping and hot incineration processing which has the potential to generate excessive greenhouse emissions in waste carbon dioxide.


Miroad Rubber Industries makes business choices based on the effect those decisions will have on lives and the environment. Every detail on the factory floor is meticulously planned to reduce injury risks to zero and our manufacturing processes are developed to eliminate hazards that can pose a risk to users. Because at Miroad Rubber Industries, knowing that people are safe using our products each day gives us the peace of mind we desire.


Miroad Rubber Industries takes responsibility to operate in full compliance with the legal requirements of safety and efficiency, thus setting a practical example for other businesses to evaluate and plan their business on. At Miroad Rubber Industries, we favour long-term social and environmental impact of policies over purely economic gains - in line with our core business philosophy of long-term sustainability, minimal disruption to communities and the environment, and total safety.
© 2023 Miroad Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd
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