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Sport Coat

Miroad Sport Coat is an ultimate finishing solution specially formulated by our in-house R&D team to revolutionize the performance and aesthetics of rubber surfaces. This innovative coating system offers a range of benefits that mainly enhance protection, color vibrancy, customization options, and overall aesthetics of rubber flooring products.

The Sport Coat serves as an additional layer applied to various rubber surfaces, including Miroad Play Tiles, Interlocking Tiles, and Mi-Roll, providing an extra level of protection against wear and tear. With Miroad Sport Coat, there will be freedom to explore limitless color customization options that unavailable in the market. Not only does the Sport Coat enhance the products' existing color vibrancy, it also extents their lifespans by preventing color fading.
Product Features & Benefits
Exceptional Anti-Penetration Capability for Enhanced Safety
Reliable Ricochet Reduction to Reduce the Likelihood of Dangerous Rebound
Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly Recycled Materials
Versatile and Customizable to Suit Each Specific Requirements Seamlessly
Effortless Installation for Quick Setup and Configuration in Various Settings
Great Durability to Withstand Repeated Impact from Projectiles
Color Coating for Rubber Flooring of Various Shapes or Applications
3D Sport Coat Printing on Rubber Square Tiles
Sport Coat Graphics Printing on Mi-Roll
Color Customization and Vibrancy Enhancement by Sport Coat Application
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