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Miroad’s Sustainable Practices in the Rubber Flooring Manufacturing Industry

As one of the largest manufacturers in the rubber flooring industry, Miroad plays a vital role in providing durable, versatile, and resilient flooring solutions for various applications. As society becomes increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, it is crucial for us to adopt eco-friendly practices. As such, Miroad has been taking initiatives to minimize environmental impact, promote responsible sourcing, and enhance overall sustainability within the rubber flooring manufacturing industry. 

A key aspect of sustainability in the rubber flooring manufacturing industry is the responsible sourcing of raw materials. Miroad constantly takes steps to ensure rubber cultivation practices, which include measures such as minimizing deforestation and promoting biodiversity. Additionally, efforts are being made to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources by exploring alternative materials and recycling options. 
Manufacturing processes in the rubber flooring industry often consume significant amounts of energy and generate greenhouse gas emissions. To mitigate these impacts, Miroad is investing in energy-efficient technologies, optimizing production processes, and adopting renewable energy sources. Miroad is proud to share our commitment to sustainability through the use of solar panels. By minimizing energy consumption and emissions, Miroad aims to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment.

To enhance sustainability, Miroad is also focusing on waste reduction and recycling initiatives. Rubber waste, such as offcuts ad post-consumer materials, can be recycled and incorporated into new flooring products. Miroad is actively engaged in developing innovative recycling technologies that enable the conversion of used rubber flooring back into raw material for new products. By closing the loop and minimizing waste, we aim to conserve resources and reduce the environmental impact of rubber flooring production. 
Lastly, sustainability also encompasses the lifespan and durability of products. Miroad rubber flooring is renowned for its longevity and resilience, making it a sustainable flooring choice. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and requires minimal maintenance, reducing the need for frequent replacement. Miroad is investing in research and development to further improve the durability and performance of our rubber flooring materials, ensuring their longevity in every aspect and reducing environmental impacts associated with replacement cycles. 

Miroad is embracing sustainability as one of its core principles, recognizing the importance of responsible practices, resource conservation, and reduced environmental impact. As consumer demand for eco-friendly products continues to grow, Miroad is taking significant strides towards a more sustainable future and is poised to play a vital role in creating a greener environment.

Revolutionising with Innovation & Technology

Committed to improving the standards of safety and productivity at all levels of our organisation, we have been actively upgrading our production processes with the latest advanced technologies.

Our production line now includes AI-driven robots equipped with advanced safety features such as motion detectors that allow for intelligent collision avoidance to improve worker safety as well as other improvements to augment our current automation capabilities for faster turnaround times, increased output, and reduced risks of accidents and injuries.
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